Ho Ho Hollywood Holidays

Pricing and Options

* Note many other items can be customized to work within this theme

Hollywood Theme

Hollywood Backdrop and decor:  Hollywood backdrops, giant Oscars, movie lighting, etc…

Hollywood Stone Hands:  Hollywood themed Stone Hand molds made on-site… Presented in custom labeled bags/holders and can be decorated a variety of ways

Hollywood Squares Game Show

Video Star w/ Movie Magic and Krazy Kommercials

Superimposed Magazine Covers- Movie posters, magazine covers, actions scenes, etc…  Presented in custom labeled frame/holder

Bling Bling Shop- Create your own larger than life, hip-hop styled jewelry creations

California Big Screen Surfing- Hang 10…  Big screen surfing simulator w/ custom controllers and theme props.  Can be combined w/ photo items

Hollywood T-Shirt Shop- Custom made Hollywood style T-Shirts

CD Recording Booth- Custom CD’s recorded in our sound proof booth

Make-A-Mix CD- Guests mix and match favorite songs to create custom labeled “Mix CD’s”

Asian Name Painting- Artistic & creative name writing in the Asian tradition

Video Dance Party- Intelligent lighting, video simulcasts, plasma screens, etc.

Custom Video Montages- Custom produced video montages to your exact specs.

Hollywood Sign Shoppe- West coast plates…  San Francisco, L.A, Rodeo Drive, Seattle, etc…

Celebrity Fashion Virtual Makeovers- Try on new hair styles and colors, make-up, accessories, and much more.  Done digitally on computer w/ before and after photos

Celebrity Superimposed Photos-  w/ celebs, mag covers, action scenes, etc.

Club Card Photo ID’s- Passes to Grammy’s/Oscars/Concert/Sporting/Backstage

Look-a-Like Performers- Movie stars, athletes, politicians, etc…

TV Sportscaster/Newscaster-  w/ props and Action Photos

Hollywood Shades- Hollywood themed shades custom designed by your guests.

Caricaturists/Air Brush Creations- Hollywood style Caricaturist pics & Air Brush T’s, Sweat Shirts, Bags, Hats, etc.

Birthday News/Celebrity B-Days- Fun-Custom color printouts of Astrology, Birthday info, dated fun facts, newspaper headlines, etc.

Hollywood 2Hollywood 4


Hollywood 3

Package A:


Hollywood Stone Hands

Club Card Photo ID’s

California Big Screen Surfing

Package B:


Hollywood Backdrop and Decor

Video Star w/ Movie Magic

Club Card Photo ID’s (Passes to Grammy’s/Oscar’s/Concert/Sporting/Backstage)

Air Brush T’s

1 Look a Like Performer

Hollywood Stone Hands

Package C:



Make a Mix CD

CD Recording Booth

TV Game Show

TV Sports Caster/News Caster DVD Edition

TV Style Virtual Makeovers

Sports Simulator(s) (Surfing/Snowboard/Baseball/Skateboarding)

Package D:


Hollywood Stone Hands

TV Style Game Show w/ lock out buzzer system

Birthday News/Celebrity B-Day

California Big Screen Surfing

Hollywood Hot Hats

TV Style Virtual Makeovers

Hollywood Backdrop

Look-a-Like(s) performers

Hollywood 1