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Irish Flipbook

Flip Booking is the art of taking multiple photos at once and combining them into an interacting short story book. As you flip the pages, the photos appear to be moving and creates a short illusion of a video.

Here are just a few ideas of how you could use FlipBooks for your next event:

  • Bar and Bat Mitzvahs: Entertainment at the party with the ability to match the theme perfectly!
  • Weddings: Instead of 4 pictures from a photo booth, WOW your guests with a custom 60-page book!
  • Unique Save-the-Dates: Your guests will count down the days to your memorable wedding or party!
  • Tradeshows: Branded with the company’s logo and marketing message, this personal takeaway won’t get tossed!
  • Christmas and Holiday Parties: Give employees the party they deserve with fun flipbooks to keep in their desks all year round!
  • Corporate Functions: Perfect for Anniversary parties, Grand Openings or for a End-of-the Conference Celebration.
  • Milestone Birthdays: It’s significant occasion. Make it memorable!
  • Proms and Homecomings: Getting dressed up warrants some fabulous pictures, but a handheld mini-movie to boot?!
  • Non-profit Galas: The goal is to raise money for a cause by giving donors an unforgettable soiree that they will want to attend year after year! The mobile flipbook studio captures the elegant guests and allows for recognition of the sponsors on the back cover as well.
  • College Events: Sorority and Fraternity functions, football or sporting events, Welcome Week for freshmen, Homecoming, Alumni socials… the goes on and on.


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      Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you need in order to set up at an event?

We prefer a 10 foot x 10 foot area, but can be slightly flexible depending on the layout of the venue. We also need one standard wall outlet. It is best if the venue can provide us with two 6 foot tables (skirted to match the rest of the party), but we have tables if needed. If your event is outdoors, please contact us to discuss protecting the display from weather elements.

We are interested in using PicFlips flipbooks as a Save the Date card – can we do this?

Yes, it’s a very creative and unique idea! Pre-made PicFlips flipbooks also make great Thank You cards or could be placed around the tables if your budget is tight. Added bonus: custom covers are free in orders over 50 flipbooks!

How many people can I fit in a Flip book?

Let’s just say, as many as you can fit into our display in 7 seconds.

Do you do outdoor events?

Yes we do, however, we need protection from wind and rain. Computers and printers have difficulty operating in temperatures over 95 degrees, so please keep that in mind. Please let us know if you would like us to be outdoors when you ask for the quote so we can work out the details of the logistics.

How many flip books can you make in an hour at a party?

We average 45-50 flip books per hour. This number all depends on the cooperation of the guest and the number of retakes and copies they want us to do.

If we’re at an event and we have 4 people in a flipbook, can we all get a copy?

Yes or no. Let me explain how we operate to make it fair for all of your guests. Since it takes us a minute-and-a-half to make each flipbook, if we make 4 flipbooks of the same group of people, the next person has to wait 6 minutes before we can even begin working on his or her flipbook. The result is a long line of people waiting around for their flipbook and not enjoying your party! So, here is our solution, which has worked out very nicely! We make one flipbook for the group and tell them that if they would like a copy of that flipbook to bring it back to us when we aren’t as busy. We can pull up that saved file and make copies as time permits. This is great for client because we keep the line moving and are still making flipbooks even when we aren’t crowded. Of course, if no one else is in line at the moment, we’ll make copies right away.

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