Character Actors

Adding character actors to your holiday party can breathe some more life into your event.  Though we offer a variety of fantastic decorating options to set the scene for your event, our characters help foster the connection of your guests with the spirit of your event.  We are even able to customize them to incorporate the theme of your holiday party.  With options perfect for any age group, adding a few character actors is sure to bring the experience of your event to the next level.

Some options include:

Frosty The Snowman (Irish You A Merry Christmas Theme)

  • Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer
  • Living Christmas Tree  7 foot tall beautifully decorated Christmas tree that talks
  • Dancing Snowman – blows snow out of his hat
  • Iridescent Snow Queen  With light-up wings
  • Dancing Christmas Bear
  • Ginger Bread Lady
  • The Christmas Moose
  • Holiday Reindeer  Lively, interactive character featuring antlers with electric candles that really work!
  • Soldier Bear
  • Tin Soldier Mime
  • Stilt Ballerina
  • Walking, Talking, Wise-Cracking Gift Box
  • Mouse carrying a Gift Box – Gift Box contains a tinier puppet mouse